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7 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Steer Clear of

Search engine optmisation is crucial for any blogging campaign to be considered a success. As such, it needs to be implemented in the right way. SEO can be a tricky affair for a variety of reasons, chief among them being the multiple factors used by Google to rank websites and which are subject to change anytime.

The myths surrounding the topic have become numerous and distinguishing truth from fiction can be hard. However, here are mistakes you should certainly not fall prey to:

Chasing PageRank

It goes that the higher PageRank you have the higher you rank in search engines, and subsequently the more visitors you get.

This is not the only metric that will improve the success of your blog on search engines.mistakes bloggers make

Duplicate Content

This is something everyone knows about yet some still carry on practicing the same tired tricks from a decade ago. Creating different pages for the same topic with a slightly different variation is a trick Google won’t bite and will sentence you for it. For example, creating different pages for the keywords, ‘increase sales with Pinterest’ and ‘making money with your Pinterest’ – this will just be a waste of time and won’t be adding any value to your site.

Buying Links

Buying links may benefit you on the short-term but rest assured this play is like taxes – you may get away with it now, but they gonna get you.

Instead of buying links that Google will flag in a matter of time, opt for recommended linking techniques that might take time to build but whose end result will be worthwhile.

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