Google Ads Management Melbourne

Growth Factory Mebourne specialises in Google Ads services for small business owners, marketing managers, and consultants. We provide monthly Google Ads management services as well as one-time Google Ads projects (“Google Ads Jumpstart”). Our Google Ads services ensure that you’re spending smart and generating as many leads and sales as possible.

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There are a lot of people out there claiming to be paid traffic experts, the truth is most don’t manage large budgets, have experience across all industries or have worked on a large scale.

If you expect only the best results, want to grow your business and do it with the lowest possible cost per conversion, then you need to use experts. Our team are experienced Australian experts and manage many accounts across multiple industries and manage millions of spend per year. We also don’t work with any clients who compete with each other so you know we have your best interests in mind.

PPC management is very different for each industry and business, contact us today for a full audit or proposal to take your business to the next level.

4 Reasons to Have Professionals Manage Google Ads

Illustration Of A Clock

Get Results Fast

Google Ads that is professionally managed will get your business on Google’s first page in days, not months.

Target Market Illustration

Target Market

Google Ads that is professionally managed will allow your business to target your exact target market and location

Happy Woman Coming First

Be First

Google Ads that is professionally managed will allow your business to be first in days, not months like SEO.

Increase Sales Drawing On Blackboard

Increase Sales

People searching for your services are very likely to purchase when you are first on Google and standing out from the rest.

Why choose Growth Factory for your business?

1) Responsive

Our responsiveness is something we take great pride in. You can reach us via phone or email to get answers to any questions you may have.

2) Transparent

We are not a closed book, like many other agencies. We report in detail on our actions and results.

3) Industry Authority

Our monthly webinars are attended by hundreds of marketing consultants and small business owners.

4) Proven

We follow a comprehensive, proven process to make sure that your marketing campaign and website are set up correctly for maximum results. We are industry experts who have been working with websites and digital marketing for over 20 years.

Who We Work with

Small business owners

We understand the challenges of running a small business. We simplify Google Ads, and provide transparency on our work so that you can see exactly what we are doing to improve results. We’re also always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Marketing Managers

We act as an extension to your marketing department by providing support where it is most needed. We also offer Google Ads consultation to give you an expert outside perspective.

Marketing Consultants

Google Ads is available through our partnership with marketing consultants. Find out more about our partnership. Google Ads Consulting is also available to answer your questions and give expert advice in areas that you require extra assistance.

We serve clients in the United States, Dubai, the UK and Australia.

We work with both small and large businesses. Here are some of our clients that have trusted us to handle their digital marketing.

Industry Experience

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients in dozens of industries, including:

  • Accounting
  • Acupuncture
  • Apparel
  • Appliance & Whitegoods
  • Attorneys At Law
  • Automotive Repairs
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning 
  • Chimney Sweeps & Cleaners
  • Chiropractics & Massage
  • Counseling Services
  • Day Spas & Beauty
  • Dentists & Orthos
  • Dog Grooming & Walking
  • E-Commerce Shops
  • Education & Learning
  • Electrician & Plumbers
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Fence Builders
  • Financial Advisors
  • Fitness & Gymnasiums
  • Food & Beverage Outlets
  • General Contractors & Trades
  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Building Inspectors
  • HVAC & Plumbing
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Interior Design & Staging
  • Landscaping & Gardening
  • Laundry Services
  • Locksmiths & Key Cutting
  • Manufacturing
  • Moving Companies
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Pest Control Services
  • Plumbers & Roofers
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Rehab Centers
  • Remodeling & Design
  • Roof Restoration
  • Solar Companies
  • Title & Surveyors
  • Travel Agents
  • Tree Services & Pruning
  • Vets
  • Window & Doors
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • And more…

We Offer Monthly Ad Management & One-Time Projects

Google Ads Jumpstart Projects


If you don’t want to commit to a monthly service but still want to start with Google Ads, or improve your current Google Ads campaign, a one-time Google Ads Project (” Google Ads jumpstart” may be the right choice for you.

If you are a marketing manager or consultant, you might be interested in an occasional project to gain a new perspective or get extra help.

Google Ads Jumpstart includes:

  • Google Ads campaign audit (if you’re already advertising)
  • Research on keywords and competitors Identify the most effective strategies for your keyword, landing page, and ad in your market
  • Ad Targeting includes Google Search, device-targeting, retargeting and Google Display Network
  • Ad Copywriting and Creation including mobile click to call ads, standard texts ads, responsive ads TrueView video ads
  • landing page review and we can create new landing pages using InstaPage, if necessary
  • Conversion tracking including call tracking, website forms tracking, and offline sales imports
  • A 1-on-1 Google Ads Consultation is available to discuss your campaign and strategy.

Full-Service Management


Our monthly Google Ads management service is available to both new and established advertisers. If you want us to improve your ads campaigns on a regular basis, our monthly Google Ads campaign management is for you.

Our monthly Google Ads service begins with a Google Ads Jump start Project. Our monthly services include the following:

  • Keyword Management to identify and eliminate poor performers
  • Budget management and bids to get the most bang for your dollar
  • Ad Targeting Optimisation including devices, demographics and locations.
  • Ad Copy writing Optimisation including mobile click to call ads, standard texts ads, responsive ads and True View video ads
  • Landing Page Optimisation, including monthly landing page optimisation and custom landing page development
  • Monthly Reporting and Analysis via telephone and email with an expert Google Ads consultant
Google Ads Management Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business do you deal with?

We’ve worked with clients from nearly all industries. We manage Google Ads campaigns locally and nationally for small businesses, marketing consultants and larger companies.

Unsure if we’ve worked in your field? Speak with a Sales Consultant to request a Google Ads Quote.

Who is the owner of Google Ads?

Google Ads is always owned by the client.

Is there a commission or markup on Google Ads?

We do not make any commission or markup on Google advertising. Our only compensation is our management fee. You, as the client, pay Google directly for advertising.

How much does Google Ads management cost?

Google Ads Management Fees start at $500 per calendar month, and go up depending on the complexity and size of your campaigns.

Contact us for a Google Ads management quote.

What is the minimum budget?

No minimum budget is required for Google Ads Management. Our view is that it’s a good idea to invest in Google Ads Management if you have a combined monthly budget of at least $1,000 (combined Google ad spending and management fees).

If you have a monthly budget of less than $1,000 (including ad spending and fees), we recommend that you start with a Google Ads Jump start Project.

Are you looking for long-term commitments from your clients?

We require a written 30-day cancellation notice for our Google Ads monthly management service. We want your business every month, while many digital marketing agencies, if they are not all, require long-term agreements.

We also offer Google Ads Jump start Projects that are one-time only, with no commitment.

Who will I work with?

You will have a Google Ads consultant as your main contact who will be responsible for research, planning and performance.

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Google Adwords is the leader in pay per click for majority of clients, contact our team who are Google partners. We will guide you through the many ways we can utilise Adwords and promote your business quickly.

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are a valuable paid search partner for many different marketing campaigns, our team of Australian experts will ensure you get exposure to your markets for the best possible price per conversion.


When your brand matters, you want to be seen or looking to promote your videos YouTube is a must have. YouTube is part of the Google network and we will work to have your brand grow and promote your business quickly.


Microsoft Bing is something many companies overlook, they have a great audience, often cheaper clicks and something we recommend considering. Microsoft O/S is by far the most used in the world ensuring lots of potential clients.