Website Design

What do you think when you go to a website? Do you consider the look, the feel, the speed or do you just want the information you are looking for immediately available and easy to find?

Your site is becoming more and more important and the user along with search engines are becoming more fussy. Your customer wants to view your website on their desktop and also their mobile to get what they need. The customer wants your site to be easy to navigate and also fast to load. We have all experienced picking up our mobile phones, searching for what you want, the results in Google look good but when you click the link it takes over 10 or even 20 seconds to load. Once you are over that frustration you then get to a desktop site.. one you cannot read and one you have to zoom it to each and every page to see what you want. Eventually we get annoyed and just give up, press the back button and go to one of their competitors.

Does this sound like your company website? Do you think this happens to your potential customers?

With Google analytics you can now find this out but my bet is that if your site doesn’t display well on mobile devices, the answer is yes.

We here understand the frustrations and needs of all sized businesses. We have been working with websites since 1998 and we have seen the transition and transformation of the online world along with the rising demands of the consumer.

We all love a good looking site that loads super quick, has the right balance of information along with pictures and a menu that you can easily use to get what you want or a search bar to find it even quicker.

We have worked on many customer sites from WordPress to e-commerce and leading news websites. If you have a broken site, want to discuss upgrading yours or looking to build one from scratch then SEO Empire is the team to put you on the right track.