Arnold Schwarzenegger shows why he is truly amazing

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows why he is truly amazing when he steps in using social media to help a struggling boy in the gym.. Do you sometimes feel like this in business?

The Governator is not just a celebrity, nor was he just a governor but also an outright awesome person supporting total strangers in achieving their goals and dreams.

Recently a boy took to Reddit to vent his frustration about being mocked and teased for trying to improve himself at the gym. It’s sad we still live in a world where a person wants to improve and instead of getting support, advice and help from the experienced players they get mocked and laughed at for having a go. As humans isn’t this what life is about? Having a go at new things, growing ones self and improving? Why then would anyone ever not support those new to the gym or anything in life?

GnashBrowns of Reddit did exactly this, venting his frustrations at the world via social media to tell them what he thought and rightfully so complain. Never in a million years did he think a man so famous and busy at the time would step in to be so amazing.. read the conversation below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reddit 2015


Well if that isn’t something to get you motivated, back up on your horse and off to the gym nothing is.

Sadly in the digital age we are seeing this more and more with keyboard warriors at the drop of a hat getting stuck into people giving it a go. We would love to see the day where we become a supportive nation and help each other build a business, improve each others businesses, lives and build amazing friendships.