Do I need social media for SEO rankings?

We are often asked the question “do I need social media for SEO rankings?” In short the answer is yes. Search engines not only want to know that your site meets their guidelines and you have relevant content but also that you have client interaction. Some of the best ways to see this is through social media. Though sites such as Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest we can see interaction rates, likes, reposts, retweets and so on. They can see the number of people who like your posts, pages and walls.

To some people social media may at first seem as boring, tedious or just something that they do not like. We totally relate to this and some businesses are very hard to promote on social media. If I ran a business selling dental floss it would be hard to promote, gather interest or even seem hard to make an interesting page. Sometimes you just need to think out of the box. If I sold this product I would try and make it fun with pictures of great smiles with food in their teeth or talk about what it would be like on a first date or job interview with your breakfast showing. There are many ways to promote your business, just remember to think about applications, people who use your product or repercussions of not using it!

If you still are not sold on running social media there are many companies out there who can setup your pages, run your pages or help you with topics. Search engines are an invaluable source of ideas for posts and social media. Search other leading companies, jump on YouTube or see what similar companies are doing. If you are really stuck ask your kids if you have them, they could probably teach you a thing or two! If you do need help starting out with social media our consultants can help you on your way also.