Responsive Website Design, huh? – Page 2

What are other companies doing?

This serves to implant a few ideas in your mind and push-start your site creation. You don’t have to confine your ‘shopping’ to your own industry only. Other industries can give you unique ideas too.

A visible phone number

Google Mobile Playbook goes on to say that 48 percent of mobile searches end up calling a store, with 29 percent making a purchase. This shows you how important having a visible phone number coupled with a click to call function really is.

And given 94 percent of mobile users are searching for local info, it’s good to include your closest location in the landing page.

Pinpoint what customers need the most

You know why? It helps you create a site that serves customers’ needs. Leave out unnecessary content and just focus on what it is that makes customers happy.

Mobile users are naturally looking for a flawless experience and might bounce away immediately a site looks too complex to navigate.

A search box

Navigating a website on a small device is not easy. It’s much easier if users could just search for whatever they need. A search box in place is a great idea, particularly one that retrieves only the relevant results. It boosts your site’s mobile experience.

Tell users how to achieve their goals

Make sure the top of your mobile site has visible and clear call to actions. This does two very big things: it helps your users find what they are searching for right away, and second, it helps you convert more often.

Final Words

Having a mobile website is not something you pull off just because you think you should have one. The above best practices should guide you on your mobile website creation.