Pay Per Click

If you are looking for Pay Per Click in Melbourne than speak to our dedicated PPC experts. We have a team that work solely on Pay Per Click management focusing on Google.

Although SEO Empire specialise in organic search engine optimisation, we understand and at times recommend paid advertising. If you need instant website traffic, want to expand on your organic campaign or your budget and time frame doesn’t allow to wait for your website to rank. The main difference about using this avenue to get traffic, sales and clients is that you can track every dollar that is spent, what is done with the traffic and have a full understanding of conversions. We usually run a paid advertising campaign for clients who have the budget while we organically rank their website or during the build process. We can continue this paid advertising to continue increasing your website traffic or slowly over time reduce your paid advertising spend. There are many ways PPC can help your company and we can find out in as little as a month if it is working for you or tweak the campaign as we go to ensure you are getting a good ROI. Setting up your listings in Google Adwords isn’t an easy task and it takes many years of training and understanding to get the most out of your adverts and even more importantly not waste money on terms and phrases where you are not getting a return on your investment. Our PPC manager is dedicated and focused on getting the most out of your investment. We take a calculated approach using proven formulas to ensure we eliminate any waste and get the most out of your budget to help your business grow. The paid advertising world is ever changing so we ensure we review your adverts weekly or monthly depending on the desired budget and outcome. Our team are all experienced on managing client accounts and you will at all times have 1 account manager assigned to you. As a leading organic SEO company we need to ensure all of our clients needs are covered, ensuring that you are on track to increase profits and expand your client base. We hear many times that clients have used PPC and that they had no results or that the management fee’s are more than their spend. This may have happened for many reasons but we believe that we are different and we can help you really benefit from our paid advertising. Utilising the most up to date methods and strategies used by some of the world’s biggest companies, we will help you reach your companies financial goals. If your budget is from $500 or up to a million dollars our team has experience managing your budget and ensuring that we exceed all expectations.