Talking SEO Return on Investment with Your Clients – Page 2

Important Things to Remember

  • It is imperative that you learn how to keep track of ROI. ROI does not just include revenue per leads, events, or goals. You must measure and keep track of things such as the removal of Google penalties. Some functions cannot even be linked to revenue. Ensure that you cover all of your bases.
  • SEO takes time. Be honest with your client from the get-go. You need to inform them that SEO is a long-term position. Even when search result positions begin to improve and increase, the ROI may still be difficult to see. For this reason, it is highly important you keep a constant watch on the data, and have it ready to discuss with your clients at their disposal.
  • Always educate your clients when you have the opportunity. Teaching your clients will earn you their trust. This trust builds the foundation for a prosperous, long-term relationship.

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