Being Awesome in 2015

Your SEO Plan for 2015

Those search engine optimisation days of keyword stuffing into content are done, there isn’t any doubt about that. The Pigeon update, in 2014, improved local search results, the Panda updates improved content found on web pages everywhere, and the HTTPS/SSL update provided more credibility to websites. Therefore, what’s expected for 2015, and how will you develop a maintainable search engine optimization campaign to survive all of the changes?

Develop Quality Content

Google has the ability to detect content that is well written, and may detect unoriginal text or poor quality content. If you have a desire to be successful in 2015, you must work on developing quality content for your site. Google will reward websites which provide regular quality content, and with these rewards will come more traffic, more revenue, and more business. Therefore, go for quality over quantity.

Keywords remain a factor in content, yet with the 2013 Hummingbird update, the way they’re viewed, used, and searched dramatically has changed. More conversational style searches are performed as individuals use search engines; therefore, conversational style keywords must be used to achieve the best ranking.

If an individual was searching for a method of building a hummingbird feeder, in past times, they might’ve typed ‘build hummingbird feeder’ within the search engine. Today, however, we’ve moved past the caveman method of searching, and have started to ask a question rather than utter specific keywords to locate the real answer. Nowadays, you more than likely would view “how do I build a hummingbird feeder?” typed within a query box.

Organic Outreach to Build Links

The past 5 years brought about a drastic change in how links get shared online, and between websites. Google devoted a good amount of time preventing individuals from utilizing links to manipulate the algorithms to achieve higher SERPs. Links still are a very important aspect to SEO campaigns, yet in 2015, the only method of benefitting from links includes organically obtaining them. If you’re uncertain how to get organic links, the answer is easy, write high-quality, engaging content which is shared with those who are interested, and they’ll have a desire to link to your website.

In 2015, it’s important to keep a close eye on links, and avoid any negative links which potentially could harm your rank, or penalize your website. Monitoring tools include a big part of ensuring that only quality links are connected with your website, and provide you a simple method of removing any negative ones.

Encourage +1’s

Google Plus is becoming a serious player within the social media realm, and with the major search engines results. If you haven’t yet made a Google + page, it’s time! You can expect to gain more attention from Google Plus in 2015 than ever before; therefore, begin to encourage people to provide your page a +1, and join your circle. The bigger your circle, the more likely your company is to be discovered as someone conducts a search.

Create Quality Title Tags

Title tags have been a search engine optimization factor for more than 10 years, and for 2015, they’re still a relevant part of a campaign. Creating a quality title tag ought to read like a newspaper headline; therefore, keep it descriptive, yet still include keywords. There are different opinions about the perfect length of a title tag; however, most concur that 110 characters must be the minimum. There isn’t any need to repeat keywords inside the tag; as it just wastes valuable small space.

Get Individuals Discussing Your Brand

In 2015, a major player for search engine optimization includes brand mentions. Get others discussing your brand, and mentioning it upon their site, or any site for that matter. Google did experiment with this theory of ranking with the mention factor included years ago, as things evolved within the past year, it’s safe to bet it might be a big factor in 2015. Therefore, begin to mention influential people upon your web page, within your blogs, and upon your pages on social media, and then encourage them to do the same favour for you.

SEO-Friendly URLS

URLs that are SEO-friendly might not be the batter within the search engine optimization cake mix, yet they may be the frosting. Possessing an SEO-friendly URL is simple while utilizing a management system, like WordPress. If your web page features indoor LED lights, it ought to read As previously mentioned, this isn’t a major part of your search engine optimization campaign, and it isn’t a big signal for the search engines, yet it will create a better-organized website, provide visitors a concise picture of what your website is about, and slightly increase SERPs.

Develop an Engaging Internet Presence

Google deflected the idea that they factored in websites that individuals most frequently visited, like Amazon, Wikipedia, Yelp, and others, yet the proof is proving these now are factors, and may be big ones in 2015. Therefore, get your site mentioned, noticed, and linked to the giant players. Just be certain to use organic strategies to get that recognition, the days of selling, buying, and trading links for ranks is gone…and if you attempt to bring it back, you’ll be gone, too.

Be Social

Social media channels have taken over, and as it comes to search engine optimisation, they’re a big part of a campaign strategy. Search engine algorithms already involve social media signals in order to factor in rankings, and for 2015, these calculations are prepared to increase.

Become Mobile

Mobile optimisation isn’t anything new, yet with the upcoming year, it’s becoming more important with SEO. To compete, you have to have a mobile marketing strategy and have your site optimized for mobile usage. With so many individuals using tablets and smartphones for their Web search, it’s vital to have a plan prepared to compete for their business.
Make your New Year’s resolution to concentrate on the top ten signals for ranking, and begin now! If you wait ‘til 2015, you will be behind most of your competition who’ve been practicing, and mastering those factors for SEO all year.