How PR and SEO Work Together

BREAKING NEWS: SEO and PR tied the knot!

Alright perhaps that is a bit dramatic; however, you get the idea. Search engine optimization and public relations have courted one another for quite some time, and now SEO professionals and PR experts concur that it is about the content. Public relations want influential and compelling content which is a call to action for both prospects and customers. Search engine optimization consultants want robust keysearch words and varied content that attract search engines and the famous search engine spiders that read the content.

The result is two-fold: meaningful content which influences your customers, as well as increases your site’s ranking with search engines like Yahoo, Bing, or Google.

Why do you need to increase your rank? For your prospects and customers to locate your website on the Internet. Consider high-quality content to be a laser beam directly to your website.
There are multiple emerging weapons in your public relations arsenal to use in your search for the search engine optimization holy grail.

Social media in relation to PR and SEO

Today, it is hip to use and know social media. Most importantly social media provides the public relations professional new tools to utilize to impact search engine optimization. Whether it is a tweet, blog, or message to friends, utilize the influence of public relations and reach of social media to attract new traffic to your site. Let us see how many individuals you are able to influence in only 140 characters.

Websites and blogs in relation to PR and SEO

Blogs and websites desire the same thing – excellent content and original stories or articles. A savvy public relations professional will utilize key search words within the writing of the articles. It applies to pretty much any medium and any industry. Utilize articles, with the proper content, in order to make a difference in search engine optimization. Would you purchase a product from a website that cannot place a coherent sentence together? Obviously not. Therefore, SEO and PR work together in order to make content make sense.

Are press releases dead?

Somebody on Twitter once said that press releases are dead. That’s ridiculous. Organizations, companies, and many other businesses must announce their news. Press releases have evolved within a powerful tool online for both SEO and PR. With the proper key search words in place and newsworthy content, a press release certainly can assist in driving interested traffic to starved sites. However, be careful! Press releases still are a news tool. Faulty, deceitful, or disseminating press releases may create a backlash.

TV and radio in relation to PR and SEO

Television and radio are excellent broadcast tools within media and PR. Nothing will sell more than a famed consultant or CEO stating an opinion on a major station or network. Both SEO and PR want this audio or video clip on the site and for the exact same reasons. It’ll give a visitor a reason to return to the website and to stay tuned. It makes Flickr and YouTube extremely valuable to your overall search engine optimization goals.