Special Offer – Online Business Review $499

For the remainder of 2014 SEO Empire is offering a very limited selection of companies the chance to have their online presence reviewed. For only $499 we will review your entire businesses online presence, prepare a special 10+ page report of everything relevant to your business, competitors and industry. We will go through everything we find or are provided and provide feedback on the current situation and prepare a list of recommendations.

There are no catches, contracts or anything more to pay. All we ask is that you have a company with at least 5 staff, have an aggressive marketing budget and are prepared to accept criticism and feedback that may not be what you want to hear. We tell it how it is and we are experienced at doing it. With many years working with all size large and small businesses, SEO Empire are your trusted partner in increasing your revenue and keeping you up to the date with the latest accurate information.


We have many sophisticated tools that analyse your website and social media pages, we provide a full analysis on all aspects of your website from coding, speed, errors or incompatibility. A website is not just a website, it is the place where you make your first impression and potentially the difference between the next big client leaving your site or pressing that ‘contact us’ link. We work very hard to get our clients websites built and keeping them up to date with the latest SEO standards and keeping in mind that it must look amazing. If it is time for you to look at upgrading talk to us today.


SEO these days is still not understood by many and most companies just pay their bill and hope they see results. Trust in the SEO world is sadly not that great and the industry has a long way to mature. If you have had an SEO company working on your website for over 8 months, do not see healthy results and have a good budget then it might be time for a SEO review. On average during 2014 we found that ranking a website that has not been ranked well in the past usually takes about 8 to 10 months. There are many variations to this especially if you have a low budget business and are trying to take on Apple. Patience is definitely key when ranking a website as true white hat organic SEO companies do take time to do things in the right way.


Knowing what your competitors are doing, what new products they have and what is going on in your industry is key. You must know what they are doing before they do it or as soon as they do. Staying ahead of the game and up to date is key for your companies success.

Social Media

This is something that keeps on growing and growing. Even though it is constantly changing form from year to year and companies rise and fall, this will be something that will always be with us. How exactly? That is anyone’s guess.

We help you get the most out of social media, teach you tricks and tips on usage and also keep you up to date with the latest online trends so that you can jump on board and be the first in your industry when something new comes along. We have worked with clients that have spent half a day with us learning how to get the most our of their website posts along with social media which in turn has skyrocketed their client interaction and sales.

If a full review is something that you are interested in then contact us today or forward this link to a friend.